Friday, August 13, 2010

John F. Kennedy - Harris & Ewing Photograph

Submitted by Stacey:
Hello! I have come across a picture of J.F. Kennedy and am interested in finding out the value of it and possibly selling it. It is an 8x10 picture that has a little wear around the edges. The bottom right corner has the words Harris & Ewing, Washington DC pressed into the picture.

If you can help Stacey with an idea of value, or would like to make an offer to her, simply click on the comment button.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ulysses Grant Glass Item

Submitted by Lisa:
I am attempting to value an item my great aunt gave to me. She was a collector of diverse antiques. What she gave to me is a glass that had Ulysees S. Grant's face and name imprinted in the base of the glass, so that you would see this image after drinking to the bottom of the glass. It is definitely from the era, as it has the purplish cast that I've noticed in 1800s glass. There are no chips. The glass is between the size of today's rocks glass and a normal drinking glass. Do you have a guess as to its value? Thanks for your help.

William Taft Campaign Ribbon

Submitted by Kelli:
I found this little ribbon in a book it is president Taft, its 2 inches long and in good shape. My question is about the value, and how rare it is. I would like to sell it if it is worth anything. Thank you for your knowledge and time.

If you can help Kelli with a value for this item, or would be interested in purchasing it from her, please click on the comment button. She also has an identical ribbon with a graphic of Teddy Roosevelt and thew ords "our Teddy".