Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kennedy Campaign Button & Ribbon

2 1/8" RWB First For Kennedy, alledgedly from the JFK campaign. Not listed in Hake. Revers shows rust spot on left of pin by blue ribbon. Rear pin type is of that period but is it truly JFK? Any other real possibilities?

Thanks, Jerry.
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Thursday, April 2, 2009

John F. Kennedy's Visit to Ireland Banner

This is a large Cead Mile Failte Parade Banner that translates to "A hundred Thousand Welcomes." It was produced in 1963 on linen. It was displayed during Kennedy’s June 1963 trip to Ireland. Does anyone know the value?

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Eleanor Roosevelt Signed Letter

Letter on White House stationery from 1940 from First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt to the wife of the son of Thomas Edison (Charles Edison) who served as Secretary of the Navy under Franklin D. Roosevelt and Governor of New Jersey. The paper carries a Whiting's Angora watermark.

Owner is interested in discovering the value and possibly selling the letter.

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