Thursday, May 28, 2009

Presidential Playing Cards

Submitted by Larry:
I was wondering you could help me understandthe value of a couple of items. One is LBJ playing cards. They still are sealed and never opened and have a special seal over the top. The other is DDE Colmbine presidential seal playing cads. They are open but in great condition.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

1908 Taft Commemorative Plate

Submitted by Theresa:

Theresa has a 1908 Election Commemorative Plate. Picture of William Howard Taft (black and white) on off white colored plate. Caption below picture reads, “Our Choice 1908.” Produced by Carrollton China.

If you can help Theresa identify and value this item it would be appreciated. She would also be interested in offers to purchase. Please select the "comment" button above or email us at

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Roosevelt Democratic Victory Coin

Submitted by Roush:
Franklin Delano Roosevelt coin. Produced by A.I. Berkowitz, Charleston, Illinois. 1.5 inch diameter. "Good Luck Democratic Victory Souvenir Coin November 3, 1936" on reverse.
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Herbert Hoover Letters

Submitted by Frances from Wisconsin. I've had a folder in my files from my grandfather, Edward Emil Sager, who was City Clerk in Appleton, Wisconsin in about the 1940's. My grandfather carried on all sorts of correspondence with politicians.

The folder includes two letters from Herbert Hoover. The first, typed one has Herbert Hoover letterhead, and is from Stanford University August 1945 in response to a letter my grandfather wrote, and sending speeches he requested (I have the speeches he sent). The hand-written letter is dated August 10, 1949 and is in response to a birthday greeting from my grandfather.

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Dan Schilling Oil Painting of Bill Clinton

Submitted by: John

I have an oil painting by Dan Schilling, called what is is here is a picture of it. i would like to sell it.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kennedy Democrat Rat

Submitted by Joan: A "democrat rat", he has a metal badge pinned to his red felt jacket 'kennedy for presedent" Measures about 10 inches high. He came out of storage about 20 years ago and left US about 20 years before that.
Joan would be interested in an appraisal or offers to purchase. Please use the "comment" button or email

Monday, May 11, 2009

Two Signed Nixon Magazine Covers

Submitted by Jeff: Time Magazine covers November 5, 1956 and December 9, 1957 hand signed by Richard Nixon, "With every good wish, from, Richard Nixon" and a full magazine December 9, 1957 which includes the article, "Cuba, The First Year of Rebellion". The December 9, 1957 signed cover was sent to my father and has the mailing label to: CAPT CARROLL W BENNETT, STAR RT 1, COLLIERS MILLS RD, NEW EGYPT N.J., the U.S. Air Force Pilot stationed at McGuire AFB, who flew Nixon on his South America tour and personally acquired his autographs.
Jeff would be interested in an idea of the items value, or receiving offers from interested collectors/dealers. To contact Jeff add your comment to this website or email

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Roosevelt Garner License Plate

Submitted to Paul: I have an FDR/Garner license plate attachment that I am interested in selling. Overall, in pretty nice shape.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

John F. Kennedy Cigar Box

Gabe is looking for information, appraisal, and offers on this John F. Kennedy cigar box humidor. If you can help please add your comment or email us at

Reagan Candlelight Dinner Plate

Submitted by Eidnas: Limited edition plate from the Candlelight Dinner during the 1981 Official Inauguration of Ronald Reagan. Believes production was limited to to 1, 032 plates. Would like to know what the value of the plate is and would accept offers for it.

1888 Benjamin Harrison Campaign Ribbon

Kathy & Roy have this 1888 General Ben Harrison Campaign Ribbon that they have not been able to find listed anywhere. Can you help?

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